Offshoring is the process of relocating one business or its processes from one country to another. Many companies offshore their services, especially if they are in the manufacturing or accounting industry. There have been many other companies that have decided to outsource their different services to other countries as well.

offshoreSome big examples of countries that companies often use to offshore their goods and services are: China for manufacturing and India for telecommunications. Many companies have turned to offshoring to reduce the costs of labor in their home country and increase profits. While outsourcing opens jobs in the countries they are procuring services from, this practice decreases the jobs available to those in their home countries.

Companies that engage in offshoring are often termed as “offshore companies” or “offshore corporations.” More often than not, offshore companies are in need of financial or corporate help. This is where offshore financial centers (also called OFC) come in.

It is formally defined by the International Monetary Fund (or IMF) as “a country or jurisdiction that provides financial services to nonresidents on a scale that is incommensurate with the size and financing of its domestic economy.” Simply put, an offshore financial center are small jurisdictions (and are also usually low-tax) that provide different corporate and commercial services to offshore companies. These services often include the investment of funds obtained offshore. Offshore financial centers help ease an offshore company’s financial burden and also help them in easing the amount of tax that they have to pay.

There are several countries in the world that are named as offshore financial centers not just by the IMF but also by the Financial Secrecy Index (also called the FSI) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (also called the OECD).

Some of these countries are:

•Australia (not designated by the IMF and OECD, but designated by the FSI)

•British Virgin Islands

•Costa Rica

•Hong Kong

•India (not designated by the IMF, but designated by the FSI and OECD)



•Singapore (not designated by the OECD, but designated by the IMF and FSI)


•United Arab Emirates

offshoresAside from using offshore financial centers to ease their financial problems, offshore companies have also turned to offshoring their marketing materials as well. Some of these are website designs, URL, and graphics. Many companies feel that they will get less expensive but better quality work when they make the decision to offshore their marketing materials, though this carries big risks. If the offshored materials are not up to par with what the company is looking for and if a campaign fails, then the company could suffer damages to the brand they are trying to promote as well as blows to their reputation.

Many offshore companies utilize offshore marketing for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services, though the danger is selecting the wrong company to perform SEO services (especially those who employ the use of black-hat methods such as creating lots of URL links so that the company’s website will hit top results in a search engine).

Knowledge of utilizing the services of both offshore marketing companies and offshore financial services will greatly help a company in the long run. Many of these services are investments, so knowing how to maintain these investments and letting them grow will ensure an offshore company their success.

These companies should also keep in mind the dangers of using these offshore services and are prepared to take the consequences and begin again should these endeavors prove unsuccessful. This especially applies to offshore marketing companies and not so much into the offshore financial centers. Though many would argue that it is better to invest in a company’s home country, there are just some places in the world where it would make more economical sense to offshore than to stay. This is especially true when a place has a high cost of living and a company needs a lot of labor to execute their services.

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