Globaloffshore is strategically positioned to cater to the demands of the growing plastic processing downstream industries in the world. The state of the art gas feed Olefins plant and the downstream PE and PP plants supported by all required facilities, the total production capacity is well over 555KT per annum. The company has positioned itself as one of the leading suppliers of Poly-olefins in African continent and in US, Europe and Asia as well.

One amongst the key factors that has enabled Globaloffshore for its strategic positioning has been its continuous efforts in ensuring total customer satisfaction by supplying high quality products consistently. Besides, the company’s competitive pricing and technological capabilities to produce more than 42 customized grades of PE and PP, suiting to the specific requirements of the customers, have given a competitive edge to Globaloffshore


Understanding the catalyst market is critical to refiners including the future demand that will be driven by future fuel specifications and capital investments.
The catalyst demand is dependent on utilization of refinery secondary processing units as well depends on quality of feedstocks processed.

The Global Marine/Bunker Fuel Outlook provides a forward-looking assessment of the market environment.


The assessment takes into account future fuel specifications including the level of adoption and compliance. Additionally, the strategies and reactions within the refining sector and the shipping industry. Additionally, the level of adoption and compliance is assessed.

The study provides an assessment of future octane requirements from a global perspective. The assessment provides an overview of the current situation and assessment of the future environment for the time period out through 2027.

The assessment of the future environment considers the future demand outlook, availability of supply, refining capabilities, and availability of gasoline blend-stocks including the following: Reformate, Alkylate, Isomerate, Polymerate, Naphtha, Butanes, MTBE, and Ethanol. Additionally, countries are identified, which require additional octane to meet future fuel specifications.


For the priority countries the options available to the countries to meet the octane requirements are assessed. Options considered include refining-related investments, imports, and the utilization of blend-stocks including MTBE.

The Global Petrochemicals Outlook provides coverage of petrochemicals including feedstocks, current and future capacities and product outlook from a global, region and country-level perspectives. The service also provides an assessment of the individual petrochemical facilities.

The Global Refining & Products provides a comprehensive assessment of the refining sector with integrated analysis of the crude markets, forecasted demand and projected refining capabilities and required investments. Furthermore, the entire range of products are considered, including light products, middle distillates and residual products. Analyses and data are delivered through our dedicated web portal in multiple formats including formal and informal analytical content, podcasts, webcasts, and more. Clients also have access to data tools, interactive custom charting with ability for data downloads, and mapping tools.


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