The Crude Marketing Team handles the marketing and sales of Globaloffshore oil and gas production, with about 100 different customers throughout the world. Globaloffshore operates 29 different crude oil qualities, out of which 15 qualities representing around 130 000 BOPD is sold by Our Marketing Team.



In Africa, grades of crude are spread between Congo (Djeno, Yombo and Nkossa), the DRC (Coco), Cameroon (Kole, Lokele and Ebome) and Gabon (Oguendjo, Lucina, Rabi Light and Mandji) and across Nigeria


In the UK / Europe / Asia regions, different grades of crude are available within Tunisia (Zarzaitine), Turkey (Sahaban), United Kingdom (Wytch Farm) and Vietnam (Rang Dong and Su Tu Den).


In America, there are different grades of crude spread between Colombia (Vasconia), Guatemala (Xan Coban), Peru (Pirana Blend) and Trinidad and Tobago (Galeota Mix).

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